Surprise! Another MANTA Tools release here a bit early. And what’s in the box?

Our customer base is growing quickly, and feature requests are piling up. That’s why Lukas (our Codehead Prime) decided to squeeze one more major release into the schedule. So, what’s new?

We need to catch up on the development of technologies we support, that’s one of the keys to our success. We generally support the latest versions, but the guys did a thorough review and declared Oracle 12c and Informatica 10 (namely Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Metadata Manager) fully supported. Although most of the market still has older versions, both Oracle and Informatica are pushing people really hard to switch to the newest releases. Informatica even announced the end of support for 9-something versions next year.

MANTA Flow, in particular, received a few major updates (minor updates are not worth mentioning due to the very fact that they are minor). REST API is now available in MANTA Flow. Our native visualization can now easily show SQL overrides, and individual nodes (and their children) are now easy to contract with just one click. What does it mean to “contract nodes,” you ask? I thought you would ask, so I made an animated GIF about it! Check it out:


See? Big fat script in the middle got out of the way and you can see just tables you wanted. Notice the line from one table to another is thicker, so you can click on it and show the script again. 

And last, but not least: MANTA Flow online demo was updated, and it now corresponds with the latest version of MANTA Flow you can get off the shelf. There are some limits to it though – as with any cloud product, it does not have access to your system and it cannot show full data lineage (only the part you push in). But try it anyway, it’s awesome. (Or ask for a free trial right away, and test MANTA Flow at home.)

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