The new version is out – what is new with MANTA Tools 3.10?

One of the all-time most requested MANTA Flow features was the unlimited time machine function. It is now possible to see every visualization you’ve ever performed on your system and freely explore them like you would with current ones. MANTA Tools’ metadata repository is also automatically backed-up whenever you like, so even your most paranoid teammates can sleep at night.

When it comes to technology, we’ve improved metadata extraction from Teradata databases and the predicate system for Oracle and Informatica. The MANTA Flow visualization itself has also been updated. We’ve added extended highlighting (you can try this in our online demo!) and also a direct export option on the customer’s catalog page.

And what’s coming in our next version? We will finally release support for a whole new technology – Microsoft SQL Server, including a connection with Informatica Metadata Manager.

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