Compatible with yet another data source & offering more user-friendly visualizations, that’s MANTA Tools 3.11.  

So, what’s new? MANTA Flow’s visualization export functions have been enhanced significantly – you can now filter resources and change the level of detail on which the lineage is extracted. Also, native MANTA Flow visualization now shows SQL override queries in Informatica PowerCenter as a parameter.

For even faster automated visualization settings, MANTA Flow now supports selection via text input (such as CSVs). This is especially useful when a customer with a huge environment would like to visualize a very specific part of it. And, as always, Teradata & Oracle parsers are now better than ever.

And last, but definitely not least, is our biggest new “feature” – compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server. But this topic is way too big for a humble release blog post like this one. We will announce it in a separate article tomorrow.

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