At MANTA, we’re committed to continually evolving our business – for our customers, our partners and each other. Since the Spring launch of Release 36, our engineers have been doing just that: further evolving our technology. Now, with Summer in full swing, we’re excited to share what Release 37 has to offer.

Our latest developments include enhancements to the scanners used by MANTA Flow as well as modeling tool improvements and exports. We’re also happy to highlight a few of the positive changes our customers have reported since implementing Release 36. Let’s dive in!

Upgrades to Modeling Tools 

With Release 37, we’re introducing upgrades to how new properties are parsed and brought into MANTA Flow for logical attributes (columns) of supported modeling tools. New properties include type, length, nullability, and constraints. Now, our technology meets the modeling requirements of users scanning these models, helping them infer end-to-end data lineage that includes their investments in data models.

Improvements to Available Scanners

In addition to modeling updates, Release 37 includes enhancements to several scanners. PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Talend, PowerBI, SQL Server, and SAP Hana all saw upgrades with this latest release. Let’s take a detailed look at how MANTA has expanded its support for these technologies.

  • PostgreSQL and Greenplum performance speed-ups that enable smarter parallel extraction and shorten overall scan times for large systems
  • Support for Talend’s tS3Put Connector, which enhances visibility into a customer’s usage of Amazon S3 Buckets in their data pipelines.
  • New SAP HANA capabilities including transaction and import/export statement support (including COMMIT/ROLLBACK, LOCK TABLE, SAVEPOINT, EXPORT INTO, IMPORT FROM, and more)
  • Analysis of Snowflake Scripting.  Snowflake recently introduced support for SQL in their Stored Procedures.  MANTA now automatically parses these additions for lineage.
  • MANTA support for MS SQL Server was enhanced to include support for advanced constructs such as OPENJSON, plus support for temporal tables and queries.

Further enhancements to MANTA Infrastructure

  • Augmented management of certificates used to securely connect databases
  • Optimizations to Neo4j to improve visualization rendering performance
  • Extended ability to export business intelligence reporting attributes to Collibra exports.
  • The ability to include modeling tools for Open MANTA Integration Export, which will allow customers to bring important data model information into selected catalog solutions.

Resoundingly Positive Customer Feedback to Release 36

Every new release comes backed with upgrades and features designed to help our customers have a more efficient and valuable data lineage experience. In the last few months, many of our customers enthusiastically reported greater efficiency and faster performance in response to the launch of Release 36, the first to include Neo4j and other enhancements to our core infrastructure for large scale enterprise scalability.

“We’re exceedingly pleased that several customers across a variety of business sectors are seeing a measurable improvement in the MANTA platform due to Release 36,” said Shane James, our SVP of Customer Success. “With Release 37, we’re providing even greater enhancements to help our customers maximize their data lineage.”

Below are a few takeaways our enterprise-level customers have shared since implementing Release 36. 

  • A customer in transportation and logistics decreased their scan time from 8 hours to roughly 3.5 hours. With this reduction in scan time, they have been able to broaden their scans to include more data. 
  • An investment solutions provider in the financial sector successfully shortened the time it took to conduct follow-up open exports. What once demanded multiple days now takes just 90 minutes.
  • A customer in the healthcare industry reduced their full scan time from over three days to just 36 hours. 

“With such positive and game-changing feedback, we are that much more eager to provide an even better experience for our customers and partners,  and unveil the new capabilities included with Release 37,” added Ernie Ostic, our SVP of Products. “We will continue to bring our engineering expertise to the fore to add further advancements to future releases.”

Stay Tuned for Future Updates to MANTA

That’s all for now! If you are a customer or partner of MANTA’s, check out the release notes for an in-depth look at Release 37. In the meantime, our team will continue to do what we do best – evolve our offering through new integrations, partnerships, and capabilities that help organizations realize the full potential of their data.

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