Nowadays, every app, tool and solution needs to be connected to everything else. And MANTA is ready to join the club. 

You Asked for It

Here at MANTA HQ, we’ve been literally buried with customer requests to add various integration possibilities for Manta Flow. You asked for it! As of version 3.18, MANTA has a public REST API. This new feature, together with multi-level data lineage gives users the option to use MANTA with all kinds of technologies.

Through the public API you can connect MANTA to any custom tool or app and allow it to work with its data. How exactly? Take a look at this example:

Let’s say you have your own quality monitoring tool that monitors critical elements of data lineage for you. You can let MANTA export an excel file and then manually go through all the values, find out what their sources are, and manually look for changes. But now, thanks to public API, you can do all this automatically using your own tool!

Put an End to Boring Manual Reports

The tool can call MANTA’s API, automatically pull out all the critical elements of data lineage, and report the changes found. Now, you can automatically monitor all changes that occur to your data during a given time period, saving you and your company hours of manual labor spent pouring data from MANTA into your own tool.

And there are many, many other ways you can use our new API!

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