It’s high time we told you a little bit more about the people at MANTA and how we do things behind the scenes. We brought all our employees to our Prague office, we spent an amazing week together, and here is why we were able to go back to our offices happier, more motivated, and recharged.

Get to Know Each Other

As you might remember from our end-of-year article, MANTA’s team doubled in 2019. We work on two continents, with just a small portion of our working hours overlapping, which can be challenging at times. Meeting colleagues face to face helps build interpersonal relationships and creates an excellent opportunity for brainstorming, networking, and coming up with new, inspirational ideas. Not to mention how much easier it is to work together when you actually know the person sitting on the other side of the computer screen.


Don’t Live in the Past, Learn from It

The key to being good at what you do is knowing that you have a hand in achieving common goals. Having everybody together in the same room was a great opportunity to sum up the previous year, review our goals, and set targets for 2020. I think I speak for everyone at MANTA when I say that seeing exactly how each team contributed to where we are now is a true motivational boost, making us want to achieve more. It also confirms that being part of MANTA is something so much more than being just another cog in the machine.


Do Something Good

Having everyone under the same roof, we decided we should take our positive energy out and contribute to the local community. We split into two groups and visited two great places, the Zbraslav Children’s Home and the Klokanek Orphanage for Endangered Children. Both places are doing a fantastic job by giving the kids living there an opportunity to grow up in a respectful, family atmosphere. We were a little bit afraid of how the Czech-speaking kids would communicate with those of us who don’t speak the language, but it turned out that the willingness to have a good time knows no language barriers. We were overjoyed to play with the little ones, make DIY toys with the older kids, play together, and simply talk to each other.

IMG 2008 3

Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun

It was certainly an intense week, so why not finish it off in a more casual setting? We decided to go with the good old fun trio—sport, food, and drinks. Some of us brought trophies home, and some of us were defeated by our colleagues in squash, pool, or mini-golf, but in the end, we all agreed that everyone on the MANTA team is a winner.


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