Naperville, Ill, May 27, 2020 ( – Infogix, a leading provider of data management solutions, and MANTA, a unified data lineage platform, today announced a new partnership that integrates Infogix’s all-inclusive data management solution, Data360®, with MANTA’s unified lineage platform.

Infogix’s Data360 integrated data intelligence platform combines automated capabilities across data governance, data quality, and data analytics to streamline data management processes and quickly provide users with actionable insights based on trusted data. By combining Data360 with MANTA’s unified lineage, organizations take IT self-service to the next level, bridging the gap between business and technical users—enabling business users to quickly search and browse metadata harvested by MANTA and curated by Data360.

Having MANTA’s lineage integrated directly into Data360 allows users to assign context to their data by delivering a complete picture of the data’s journey and transformations, presenting the relationships between metadata and Data360’s glossary. Adding context is possible by knowing not only the current status of their data, but also how it was derived, which contributes to a wider use of data across an organization. The solution empowers all data users, both technical and business professionals, to utilize data and meet strategic goals.

“Companies today are working hard to turn their data into measurable business value. However, many organizations still struggle to properly govern and leverage data,” said Tomas Kratky, CEO of MANTA. “By integrating our data lineage platform with key capabilities of the Data360 solution, organizations can visibly follow data as it flows through complex data systems, ensure its quality, and deliver immediate actionable intelligence to business users across the enterprise.”

MANTA’s platform uses data lineage to understand how data moves through the data supply chain. Users can search through lineage, focus only on selected parts, review previous versions and share lineage views with colleagues. Data360 streamlines information collection and discovery through data governance, organizes and catalogs data across the entire data supply chain, measures data quality, and delivers business-ready data to develop deeper insights and realize more value from data. When combined, the solutions help organizations automatically manage the metadata lifecycle and achieve a shared, company-wide data governance approach while giving users the power to trust their data and make actionable decisions.

“Data lineage is critical because it helps companies see into the context of the data and decipher data’s origins and flow,” said Early Stephens, CEO of Infogix. “MANTA understands the critical capabilities necessary within data lineage to enhance data governance processes, empowering our customers to maintain regulatory compliance, build innovative products, unite diverging lines of business, and enable digital transformation.”

To learn more about Infogix and Data360, visit or @infogix. To learn more about MANTA, visit or @get_manta.


MANTA is the central hub of all data flows in an organization, and with its lineage capabilities, it enables digital transformation. The platform allows information users to understand how data flows through all their systems and delivers actionable intelligence to boost governance efforts, accelerate development, shorten time-to-market, speed up the modernization process, ensure data quality, and enforce data security. Visit for more information.

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