Depending on where you are, either snow is slowly covering the ground and rooftops or, well, not. Here in Prague where MANTA’s development center is, it’s freezing outside. Let’s grab a hot chocolate and dive into our last software release of 2018.

Each new version of MANTA supports a new technology. In the last release of this year, we are bringing you not one, but two! They are connectors for Talend Data Integration and Sqoop, and from Microsoft’s SQL Server toolbox, we now fully support SSAS. If your BI environment includes Talend projects, jobs, and sub jobs with SQL code, you can now include them in your data lineage in MANTA’s native visualization, IBM IGC, Collibra DGC, and TopQuadrant.

For now, SSAS is only supported in MANTA’s native visualization. In the previous release, we added support for tabular models. Now, we support all SSAS models, including multidimensional models with cubes. MANTA now has the ability to automatically read SSAS dimensions and measure groups with all their hierarchies and sets.

The second big hit in this release is a Sqoop connector. If you have Sqoop scripts written in shell, MANTA can now add them to the data lineage in its native visualization, IBM IGC, Collibra DGC, and TopQuadrant. Before the end of the year, we will add a detailed Sqoop page to the Scanners & Integrations section on our website, so keep an eye open for that!

Our development teams have also improved existing connectors. The Apache Pig connector can now read macros, and the connectors for PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, and Greenplum can now read stored procedures. The biggest improvements, however, have been made to our Informatica EDC connector. MANTA can now upload data into EDC fully automatically. This is possible mostly thanks to Informatica’s new API. Besides automated upload, we are now also able to load metadata from Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) scripts.

Last but not least, our installer, configurator, and updater now work for all integrations in our tech hub. You can now integrate each and every one of your connectors from the comfort of your own user interface – preferably from your own couch with cookies and hot chocolate. Happy Holidays!

Don’t forget that MANTA does a more detailed technological breakdown for every release together with screenshots and more, made especially for our partners & customers. If you haven’t gotten yours, contact us at and we will make sure it arrives in your inbox.

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