It’s release time! We have just launched MANTA version 3.21, and there are some pretty nice improvements and two new integrations! Read more to see what’s new!

The New Informatica EDC Is Now Supported

MANTA has released its first version of the integration with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2. MANTA can:

  1. Connect to the same databases as EDC and scan all DDL scripts stored there
  2. Automatically push in data lineage that integrates with EDC’s native resources, enriching the previous data lineage with stored procedures, pieces of SQL code that were hidden before because EDC has a hard time reading them, and other pieces of programming code
  3. Make every Informatica EDC + MANTA customer happy!

Expanding Our Microsoft SSAS Support

The next big integration that this release brings you, is support for the tabular models of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2012 or newer.  SSAS allows the customer to define the dimensions (master tables) and the facts (measurable details) in the data mart and is then able to measure and process them, helping the customer create reports. MANTA can now access the analytical level of your business intelligence environment to create complete end-to-end data lineage for your Microsoft environment.

MANTA’s developers have also spent a great deal of time on other Microsoft technologies. (SPOILER ALERT: Our next release in Q3 will support SSRS, making MANTA fully on board with all Microsoft SQL Server technologies!)

Manta callout TechHub 2017 04

Other technological improvements include large Oracle updates, updates for IBM DB2 and IBM Netezza (now known as IBM PureData for Analytics Powered by Netezza), and some tweaks and fixes to our native visualization.

Version 3.21 also supports what we call enterprise features, which allow the assignment of individual repository access rights to certain groups of employees for accessing specific resources, databases, or even schemas.  And last but not least, automatic differences between revisions are also available in our native visualization from now on.

Is there anything else you would like to know about MANTA 3.21? Don’t hesitate to contact us at (or use the form). We are always glad to help!

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