Well, well, well, another year is coming to an end! MANTA 3.20 is our last release of 2017, and we have made sure it will make it a year to remember. If you read this breakdown, you will see just how much of a powerful finish it really is.

Microsoft SSIS

It has been coming to this moment for quite some time now. And here it is: MANTA now officially supports Microsoft SSIS. We support SSIS 2012 and newer. But we probably know what you are thinking: SSIS is an ETL tool, but MANTA doesn’t support ETL tools, so what’s going on?

SSIS is an ETL tool, but with plenty of SQL woven into it like it’s your granny’s holiday sweater. Since MANTA gets along so well with SQL, it comes as no surprise that it can effectively parse the code in the environment and provide you with the good old data lineage you’ve been waiting for.


It’s always nice to get some of those foreign goods – that’s what TopQuadrant users will think from now on! MANTA 3.20 has fully automated the export of physical metadata to TopQuadrant TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance 5.4. Now you can have automatic, high-quality data lineage in EDG in just a matter of clicks!

What’s up?

That’s kind of what we tend to ask ourselves when we open our IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalogs… so we added automatic reporting of differences between the current and last revisions. Automatic reports of everything that changed since you were away – Someone added a new relation? Someone deleted a file that led to a change in the course of data lineage? Now you will know. MANTA will let you know what has changed since it last exported data to IGC.

And just in case…

Is there anything you need help with? Do you have any questions about MANTA 3.20? Then don’t hesitate to write to us at manta@getmanta.com. We are here for you. We’ve always been.

Happy New Year!

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