Our slogan is literally “Automate your data lineage”. But what does this actually mean?

MANTA is a fully automated tool. This means that after the initial setup, which is usually finished after the POC process but in general doesn’t take much longer than doing your laundry, MANTA works on its own:

Once it’s successfully connected, the software automatically reads your BI environment and provides you with detailed end-to-end data lineage based on our powerful scanners. No editing, no manual metadata injections or excel table uploads, just pure automation (you are obviously welcome to push something in manually as well, but our scanners work automagically automatically).

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Automated mapping for agile or else

We wanted to spread this message because it is still a wonder to us how many tools out there claim to be automated when they actually are not. They usually require you to carry out a vast number of manual tasks prior to giving you answers. Some are actually so non-automated that they basically just throw the data you enter there into a nice graphic design and call it lineage!

But why should you want to automate the process of collecting data lineage anyway? Well, there are many reasons why it is beneficial for a company to be able to automate this task.

Automation not only saves you time and resources in the form of employee work hours, but it also helps your company be more versatile in development. If you are trying to keep up with an agile development plan or prefer sandboxing your environment, without automating the process of mapping your data, it is not only inefficient but almost impossible! Automation is the future. All industries and tasks are being adjusted to achieve a certain level of automation. Why shouldn’t your DWH mapping process be automated as well?

MANTA is a powerful tool with features crafted by our developers to meet our customers’ needs. Since we realize that you might not know about every single one of them or you might just want to get a better overview of what MANTA can do for you, we have prepared this blog series. The next one is coming in a few weeks!

Let us know what you think and if you want more posts like this! We are always available at manta@getmanta.com

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