Any podcast enthusiasts out there? Last week’s episode of Data Management Radio had an interesting topic – why data lineage matters. Take a look at what has been on the table and tune in!

“Data lineage is like 23andMe of data. Where did you get this data? How did you get this data? What is the provenance of the data? And that’s gonna matter more and more as time goes by,” declares Eric Kavanaugh in the opening statement. He’s absolutely right, but there was more that was discussed on the show:

  • Origins of data lineage and where the industry is going
  • Data lineage for supply chain transparency in retail and healthcare
  • What are the needs of business users, technical users and everybody in between
  • Data lineage in the age of Big Data
  • The black box full of data – and why we need to break it down
  • Data lineage and AI machine learning – the bright future?
  • How automated data lineage influences lives and job satisfaction of data professionals

Eric had three very interesting guests on the air – Geoffrey Raynes from Data Advantage Group, Dan Everett from Informatica and MANTA’s own Jan Ulrych.  Ready to tune in? Listen right here:

Data Management Radio | Drawing the Line: Why Data Lineage Matters (45:47)

If you have more questions about data lineage and why it matters, Jan is available for further discussion. Just shoot us an email at and he’ll get back to you.

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