How can you maintain a competitive edge during times of digital transformation with augmented data flow management? MANTA’s own Jan Ulrych will be speaking at CMIS 2019. Read more about the conference topics and join us at the session!

One of the key topics of the upcoming Capital Market Innovation Summit (CMIS) is how to set up your institution’s digital transformation strategy—which is, unsurprisingly, currently an issue for many different investments banks out there.

Way back in 2014, Accenture correctly stated that “much of the value provided by investment banks is still tied to a small number of historically important structural elements within this industry which digitalization could quickly overturn.”

To maintain a competitive edge over traditional competitors and new “niche” players alike, investment banks took a deep dive into digital transformation efforts—we will get to hear about that at CMIS from Nomura’s Simon Hornibrook, among others.

All the major pain points—concentration of resources, aggregation of transactions, narrow sales channels, and the lack of price transparency—require a strategic, experience-based approach and planning. Digital early adopters are gathering experience faster, while followers are falling behind on long-term plans.

The backbone of any such initiative is a proper understanding of the institution’s current collection and usage of data as well as its ability to gain actionable intelligence from it. With data usage and collection intelligence (“data lineage” or, frequently, “data flow management”) at hand, strategic planning for digital advances moves from broad evaluations to data-backed decision-making.

Don’t miss Jan Ulrych’s presentation on the first day of the SummitTuesday, October 8th, starting at 3 p.m. Come and learn how augmented data management is shaping today’s digital transformation initiatives and why proper data flow management is essential for all your data security, quality, governance, and analytics projects.

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