We are thrilled to announce that we have engineered a one-of-a-kind feature that helps you and your colleagues mark issues and important parts of the data pipeline directly in the lineage diagram. 

Meet MANTA’s active tags that allow you to move around the data pipeline more efficiently. How so? They are fully customizable color-coded attributes that allow you to highlight information relevant to you in the context of the data pipeline. With active tags, you can draw attention to specific data privacy and quality issues (or any other interesting or valuable characteristic within your data pipelines)! MANTA gives you the ability to ingest such information from your favorite data quality and privacy tools or to just define these attributes on your own. Once identified, lineage analysis will help you resolve data quality problems even faster and accelerate the decision-making process related to data privacy regulations.

October 2021 update! We have introduced new default active tags in Release 34. MANTA now identifies significant transformations (not just a move of data but a real calculation). MANTA recognizes such a calculation as transforming and automatically highlights it with a blue TT icon. You can customize this tag to your liking. From now on, MANTA also identifies primary and foreign keys that are automatically flagged with PK and FK icons to bring them to your attention.

ForeignKeyActiveTag 1
Examples of significant transformations, primary and foreign key default active tags

Data Quality Management Simplified

Navigating complex data environments is now made easier by highlighting the parts of the data pipeline that need attention both in the repository tree and in the lineage diagram. If there’s a data quality issue that has to be resolved immediately, you can simply tag it so the relevant team can easily spot it and fix it without needing to find the problematic node themselves manually. 

How do active tags work
Repository diagram

The Missing Component to Data Privacy

Active tags are especially beneficial for data privacy specialists who need to follow how PII (personally identifiable information) flows upstream and downstream. Tagging such data directly in the lineage diagram eliminates the hassle of switching between data lineage and data catalog solutions to figure out how personal information flows across systems. 

MANTA offers default active tags
Tagging in lineage diagram

Want to know more about active tags? Read the feature overview and learn how they can help you:

  • Improve incident management
  • Resolve potential data quality issues before they become critical
  • Accelerate collaboration
  • Keep tabs on how personal and sensitive information flow across your systems
  • Prepare for any regulatory compliance audit
  • Make faster and more informed decisions
  • Improve data quality
  • And more
Data Lineage Active Tags

Want to see how active tags can help your organization improve data privacy and quality? Or do you see another use case for them in your data ecosystem? The sky is the limit. Get in touch with us at manta@getmanta.com or schedule a call. We will be happy to show you what active tags and our other unique features can do to streamline your data management.

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