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Manta is on a mission to help our customers make better use of their data and drive smarter business decisions. We are looking for great partners who want to join us on this mission!

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Join a growing group of direct resellers, OEM vendors, support providers, and alliance partners to provide greater value by expanding your product portfolio.

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Our Partners

We partner with the best of the best to bring intelligence to your metadata management. 

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What Our Partners Say


“Our goal is always to support our customers. And with this integration, we’re doing just that. If you were to build this solution yourself, you’d have to pull multiple pieces and stitch them together. Having one integrated platform benefits users by saving them time, money, and other resources.

It’s about commitment. Now that we’re in the go-to-market phase, both Manta and IBM are investing heavily in enablement. Together, we’re making sure that we’re thoroughly training our teams, so that we ultimately help our customers recognize the full value of this integration and enable data-driven success."

Priya Krishnan
Director of Product Management, Data & AI, IBM



"Providing custom application development to a variety of clients, it is critical for us to provide them with data lineage ready for various business usage and adjusted to their users' level of technical understanding.

Thanks to cooperation with Manta and their excellent support, we can offer our customers a comprehensive solution, leaving the competitors far behind."

Pavel Jíhlavec
CEO, Profinit



"The fact is, for advanced enterprise companies, there is a need to work on a topic automatically. That’s why we chose to partner with Manta – to deliver the best lineage possible and, ultimately, enhance our global value proposition." 


Frédéric Fourquet
Senior Product Marketing Manager, MEGA International



"Our partnership comes down to one of dedication...we knew that Manta deeply cares about their customers and solving their problems. We embarked on this partnership knowing that we are two companies that are both looking to solve bigger problems for our customers."


Christopher Glover
Field Chief Technology Officer, BigID

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"Manta’s data lineage solution offering provides a strong capability as part of Exceed Business Intelligence’s Data, Analytics and AI/ML portfolio to help our customers to tackle complex business challenges on their journey to become more of a data driven business.

Data lineage sit’s at the start of the journey to better understand the flow of data across the organization, whether it’s upstream or downstream, so when critical business decisions are being made, the data can be trusted and made readily available to the right people be it internal or external stakeholders. Manta really does help to deliver immediate and measurable business value."


Raj Jethwa
Head of Solutions Sales, Exceed Business Intelligence



"Technical lineage is a critical part of the overall data governance technology stack, adn a key pillar to our service offering for customers.  We made a decision to work with the team at Manta based on some critical capabilities, but predominantly on Mantas ability to automate a large aspect of the overall process and it's integration with the rest of our partner ecosystem.

As a partner, we've found the team at Manta to be both supportive and collaborative when it comes to partnering, which is another critical decision point for our business when we consider our vendor partnerships."


Lee Biggenden
COO & Co-Founder, Nephos Technologies



"Data lineage is essential for both data management and governance. It enables effective data management practices such as quality control, metadata management, and compliance monitoring. Systemation considers Manta the leader in end-to-end data lineage and an essential part of our data foundation message and proposition.

We are pleased to work closely with Manta in supporting our joined clients in doing their Data Lineage right!"


Kees Gelderblom
Commercial Director, Systemation

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Our Partners

We partner with the best of the best to bring intelligence to your metadata management.