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The automated approach to visualize, optimize, and modernize how data moves through your organization. 

Your Path to Operationalizing Data Pipelines

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Reduce Time Spent on Impact Analysis by


through clearly visualized data flows.

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Boost DataOps Team Productivity by 


by unleashing the power of metadata and unlocking valuable insights.

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Reduce Project Costs by 


and accelerate data migration projects, governance, and DataOps through better insights.

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Why Manta?

No matter how complex your data environment, we can handle it with precision, speed, and accuracy.


Gain enterprise-wide data lineage,
even in complex environments with
an extensive tech stack.



Get the desired view of your data
pipeline by visualizing different
levels of detail.


Informed Decision-Making

Trust the data you are using is accurate.
Data lineage enables users to understand
processed data by viewing how it has
been transformed. 


Proactive Change Control & Impact Analysis

Become more efficient at understanding
how IT changes impact the data pipeline
(e.g. reporting, BI, compliance chains).


Risk Mitigation

Leverage code-level lineage to avoid issues resulting from incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated information in your data pipelines.

Open Standards

Future proof and enrich your metadata by using the open standards to capture and share information directly to where the user needs it.



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Read What Manta Customers Say

If you’re not sure why Manta is a game-changer, let our customers tell you. 


“Adhering to government regulations, such as SOX, is of chief importance to T-Mobile. To ensure compliance, we need a complete view of our data. By implementing Manta, we get detailed data definition language (DDL) and data lineage in one easy-to-navigate interface, as well as databases we can re-scan to capture any changes.”


Tameem Akif
Data Lineage Product Owner - Data Governance Office (DGO) at T-Mobile



“During a data migration project, our team used Manta to find 1,200 downstream dependencies from 13,000 columns. Without Manta, this scan would have taken 10-15 minutes per column, totaling 2,200 hours. Instead, it took just seven hours, overnight. Even more impressive is our partnership. Manta's willingness to reprioritize their development to accommodate our goals has been tremendous.”


Jason Yu
Director, Governance and Data Solutions, Finance and Risk at BMO



“Prior to Manta, end-to-end impact and lineage analysis for our Enterprise Data Warehouse was not feasible. It took 6 months to perform a table-level dependency analysis on our EDW and Data Marts. With Manta, that and more was available out-of-box. Effort for analyzing impact of a source system change has decreased by at least 90%, from hours to minutes (or seconds).”


Michael Lucito

Business Intelligence Manager at Schumacher Clinical Partners

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"A fantastic data lineage tool, I found Manta tool is very useful in building the data lineage which is one key indicator in Data Governance process. Connection establishment and scanning the objects are very easy and the tool GUI is user friendly any one can easily navigate the object and generate the lineage with few clicks. Great Manta Tech support team from beginning to end of the process. "

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"What I really like about Manta is its ability to help me organize all the needs and wants of my business. There's lots of cool features it offers and the functionality is definitely spot on."

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