Our professional services team is available to your organisation to assist with the installation of MantaMTA.

MantaMTA installation services

  • Installation of MantaMTA software on your servers.
  • Establishing appropriate hardware requirements and server sourcing.
  • Server operating system requirements and necessary prerequisites.
  • MantaMTA configuration, including expert consultancy based on your organisation’s requirements and infrastructure.
  • Advice on attaining your target sending volumes, balancing server loads, and configuration of virtual MTAs.
  • Setup of ISP feedback loops.
  • IP address warm up programmes.

Migrating from another MTA?

Our team can assist you with the transition from your existing email sending to MantaMTA. Working in a partner role, we can advise your team on the best path to ensure a smooth migration. Central to this is the development of a migration programme, which, depending on your requirements, may be a simple cold switch to a very complex phased transition.