Getting your email delivered to the inbox

MantaMTA is strongly compliant with the sender requirements of ISPs, providing a wealth of configuration options to control sending for each of your IP addresses. However, sometimes even legitimate email senders encounter delivery problems. Our team is here to help.

MantaMTA configuration issues

Powerful reports on email delivery are available within MantaMTA, tracking message acceptance, rejection, deferral, and more. Understanding and taking the necessary steps on this reporting information can sometimes require an expert eye or a second opinion.

Our professional service team is on-hand to work with you and ensure MantaMTA is optimally-configured. We can help you review the overall setup of MantaMTA, including how your virtual MTAs are setup and advising you of any changing ISP requirements that you should be aware of.

Mail server configuration, DNS, email headers, feedback loops, and more

There are many technical reasons why an ISP might reject your emails or flag them as spam; sometimes it’s the smallest thing that can make the difference between an email hitting the inbox or being rejected.

We provide a thorough compliance audit, reviewing in detail all technical aspects of your email sending and setup. Our findings are not merely reported back; we can also assist your team in making the necessary changes and measuring their impact.

Email content issues

Each email you send is parsed by recipient mailservers’ spam filtering. This analysis can include:

  • Keyword and phrase parsing for common spam-like content.
  • Pattern matching the email template’s HTML code against previous spam-like emails that have been seen.
  • Analysis of the volume of text to HTML code and images.
  • Lookup of any hyperlinks in your content against databases of blacklisted websites.

Through the use of automated reporting tools, real world testing, and over a decade’s hands-on experience in email marketing, our team can work with you identify content issues and resolve them.

IP address problems and ISP relations

A lot of reputation is placed on IP addresses by ISPs. Understanding why an IP address suffers a dip in sender reputation requires an investigation into delivery reports, monitoring blocking lists (RBLs) and taking the necessary removal steps, and establishing dialogue with the ISPs themselves.

MantaMTA can work with your team to resolve and repair IP reputation, delivering analysis, recommendations, and liaising with concerned parties directly on your behalf.