• Speed


    Manage email queue

    • Advanced email queues

      Using its proprietary SmartQueue technology, MantaMTA is able to process 1+ million outbound emails per hour. Your emails can be routed via specific pools, which are configurable by your own business rules. It’s easy to give your most important emails — by customer, department, campaign, etc — priority sending.

    • Virtualised SMTP servers

      Rather than sending from a one SMTP server and IP address — like the Microsoft IIS SMTP service or open source MTAs — MantaMTA virtualises many SMTP servers and intelligently spreads email traffic across multiple IP addresses, each with their own easily adjustable sending configurations.

  • Control


    Email send speed control

    • Protect your sending reputation

      Each ISP has proprietary rules governing the number of SMTP connections allowed and the rate at which it will accept emails from a sender. MantaMTA provides an intuitive interface for monitoring and managing these parameters on a per domain level, ensuring tight compliance and a strong sender reputation.

    • Undelivered emails

      Undelivered or deferred emails are automatically put back into the queue and prioritised for resending. MantaMTA closely monitors these deferrals to ensure that delivery policies are complied with and the queue is processed quickly, minimizing loses from delayed or undelivered emails.

    Smart domain grouping – NEW!

    Many email providers use multiple domains (e.g. yahoo.com, yahoo.co.uk. yahoo.fr) and MantaMTA intelligently groups these domains together with no need for manual configuration; correct connection and throttling rules are identified and applied for the destination server’s host name.

  • Authentication


    Many ISPs and email providers require the insertion of specific headers into your emails that authenticate the message. These headers help mailservers identify fake emails. Without the presence of correct and compliant headers, there is a real risk that your email could end up not being delivered at all.

    MantaMTA can help ensure that your emails go out with the correct headers, including: DomainKeys Identified Email (DKIM), SPF (Send Policy Framework), and SenderID. We can also help ensure that messages are fully DMARC-compliant.

  • Bounces


    Email bounce report

    • Standardized bounce reporting

      Bounced emails are analyzed in real-time and the reason for the failed delivery is then logged. A bounce can be attributed back to a particular send, mailing list, and contact. Bounce notifications can be easily pinged back to your other applications via webhook.

    • Spam reporting

      Emails can be bounced back if the destination server believes the message to be spam. MantaMTA’s inbound email parser analyses the content of these messages in real-time and its reporting tracks the number of sent emails rejected as spam.

  • Reports


    Email delivery KPI report

    • In-depth send analysis

      MantaMTA’s email delivery reports help you understand in detail how each ISP responded to your emails. Key performance indicators — like how many emails were accepted, rejected, deferred, or throttled — help you understand your sender reputation and make appropriate adjustments to sending rules.

    • Mailserver IP reputation

      Monitoring your virtual MTAs’ IP reputation can give you competitive insights and help you identify and fix delivery problems before they do real damage. Our IP reputation report looks at each IP’s performance over time, assessing the impact — positive and negative — of each email campaign for each ISP.

  • Integration

    • Send email via MantaMTA

      Make a simple SMTP connection to MantaMTA and it will take care of the rest: queuing, processing, and sending your emails; applying domain-level throttling and connection rules; and then reporting back on delivery success.

    • Easy-to-use API

      Getting bounce events, spam complaints, and more, back to your website, application, CRM, or other system, is as simple as using a webhook. The webhook can pass back information about the email, contact, and campaign.

    • Campaign integration

      Inject your own message ID and campaign ID headers into your emails and you can attribute reports and events back to your applications.

    • Full database access

      If your application needs to integrate even deeper, then you do can exactly that with direct access to the underlying Manta database.

  • Management


    MantaMTA’s management interface provides administrators with powerful tools to control their queues, virtual MTAs, and throttle rules.

    • Send queue administration

      Get a real-time overview of send traffic going through your virtual MTAs. Sends can be individually managed, prioritized, paused, or dumped.

    • Virtual MTA configuration

      Add and administer as many virtual MTAs and IP addresses as you need, allowing you to create enormous potential sending capacity. Virtual MTAs can have their own rules and can be grouped into pools.

    Server resource usage

    MantaMTA’s service resource screen allows you to monitor the number of SMTP connection, disk usage, server load, and more.